Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Gods Cried

In deep thought he closed his eyes to ponder over the serious problem that confronted him.
The playing pebbles, he placed in the pouch, were missing.
Countless were the number of times he visited the pouch in a day.
And with pride filled eyes, he displayed his prizeless possession.

With a sudden jerk, he opened his eyes in disbelief.
His eyes closed, he was able to see it. The Future!
Shocked was he and trembled with fear as he recollected what he saw.
The darkness behind his closed eyes gradually retreated as a snow white glow poured in.
And on the white screen thus formed , the future ran, in the present.

The missing pebbles in the hands of a mischevious boy, crackled against each other.
Later as the pebbles failed to sustain his joy and attention;
They found a place beneath the earth, packed and parcelled with utmost care.
As the future continued to flow, the fear of future crept in.
He opened his eyes into the present, the veil of future broken.

He looke hither and thither to find the clues of what had happened to him.
Everything remained the same; in the sky and on the land.
He looked at himself, front and back, all about him.
Nothing changed; neither any weight gain nor weight loss.

The urge to recheck it all over again was mischevious but he lacked the courage.
As the former started to dominate, he gradually let his eyelids drop.
None was visible.He shifted his head to the right and then to the left; the darkness remained.

He opened his eyes and closed them quickly;
He let one open and the other closed; interchanged the position;
He tightened his eyebrows and then broadened them;
All in vain , he was left with dissappointment and darkness.

He decided , no more, and laid back peacefully in serene thought.
This time he had a similar experience with a different message.
He saw his master against the same background and his voice was crisp and clear.
"Nature lets you know everything as and when it sees you deserve and there in lies a purpose in doing so."

The boy arose and set out for his journey,
Like a marooned sailor who caught the glimpse of green,
With intent , conviction and purpose in his stride.
Armed with a new dawned realisation and vision that could see through the present,
He moved from place to place filling the missing links and unravelling the hidden future for his brotheren.
Soon he became a welcome guest and he was loved wherever he went.

This morning as he prayed, to let the Supreme Director guide his day;
He saw from within; he had to play a slightly different role, today.
Neverthless, with a smile on his face and a heart filled with love,
He reache his destination, a lake, to perform his final role.

The Gods gathered in the skies to witness this great actor;
He who had seen little difference between life and death;
He who had enacted his role with perfection and equanimity;
Now waded down the lake knowing perfectly well he would be becoming one with it soon.

Never have the Gods seen before such an young boy,
Embrace his death, with the innocence of a newly born lit on his face.
As he walked down the lake, tears rolled down their cheeks.
The Gods blessed him as he descended and disappeared into the lake.

News of the boy's death travelled and brought the villagers to the lake.
The grief stricken villagers knew, they have lost this strange visitor, a cheerful loving brother.
In fond remebrance of him, they decided to build a monument on the lake's bed.
The lake was completely drained but to their astonishment they found rich placer deposits of gold.

The Nature's fury and floods have denied their harvest for decades;
It's the same floods that have brought the placer deposits to the lake.

Few have realised the purpose of the boy's death,
Neverthless, the battered village, henceforth, showed signs of growth.

How sweet is such a death to embrace upon!
How sweet would it be if all deaths were for such purpose!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Cheerful Monk

Far beyond the hills, in a small hut, lived a huge Monk.
So simple was his living, emptiness was all that the hut had in it.

As the sun descended down the hills, villagers near by descended down to where He lived.
All the mornings, the hut was deserted, save the Monk.
All the evenings, the village was deserted, save none.
Hundreds of people thronged the Monk's hut every evening.
Wonder what sermons the Monk gave daily.

Speechless! The Monk never gave any speech.
Neither He uttered a single word.
The hut stayed as calm as in the mornings.

As the villagers took turn to visit Him,
He looked into their eyes and smiled.
What lied in the smile that attracted the villagers is not known.

Days and years passed, unknown to the outside world, the evening ritual continued.
All that the Monk did to the villagers is to look into their eyes and smile at them.
Never did the villagers see Him in any other colour.

One day, the orange red sun stayed unusually long in the western sky, before it descended down the hills.
The villagers reached the Monk's hut as the sun disappeared into darknness.
There the Monk, as usual, greeted them with His smile of Infinte Love.
Only that he was lying on the ground, His heart no more active.
All in His life He smiled, in death He smiled.
He knew nothing but to smile.

Surprisingly, neither grief nor sorrow was visible on the villager's face.
Cheerful, as ever, they were, lifted the Monk onto their shoulders and buried Him in His hut.

The Monk possessed nothing and left behind nothing,
A few cheerful villagers, with everlasting joy in their hearts.
Never did the villagers frown nor let their hearts drown in sorrow,
Never did they break their promise to the Monk.
The Monk has left behind a legacy, truly a great legacy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Journey of My Life

Awaken from a strange dream, I got out of my bed.
Alone I walked, along the street.
Walking, though without direction, my steps took a definite path.

Strange it seemed, the neighbourhood looked different than I know it.
As I crossed the streets, I lost the acquaitance of my surroundings.
All I could see around, I simply call it 'Beautiful'.

Stranger it seemed, my feet never stopped to let my mind savour the beauty around.
There was a definite pull, I felt in my feet, to what lay ahead.
Every step of my unending journey leading to a more beautiful scenery,
I walked unaware of what lay ahead.

Gasped I was, as I turned to my right,
I witnessed the destination of my journey.
There lay ahead, a wonderful water body.

Must be created by a Master who never erred.
For It transcended all human imaginations.
A beautiful Lake at the end of a beautiful journey.

Behold! The Lake had no ripples!
Neither was my reflection seen in It!
Disturbed at this, I picked up a stone.
I rose above the foolish thought and let the stone go.

I pondered over the Lake with a calm mind.
It obliged and showed my reflection in It.
I still pondered over It.
It started to grow bigger untill I found myself in the Lake.
The Lake, now, touched the horizon but yet It continued to grow.

An unknown peace descended and gripped me.
I enjoyed every moment like the evening child on the beach.
The nectar of peace, I wished, it could be mine forever.

Alas! The disturbing selfish thought brought me back to the Lake's bank.
I retreated unable to ponder over It again.
I returned the next morning.

The longer I pondered over it, the longer I stayed in It.
The more I stayed in It, the greater was my wish to stay in It.
This journey of mine continued for days unknown,
Untill I finally realised that 'It' was my Consciouness.
Oh Yes, my Consciousness, the Lake within.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Sky and Beyond

Don't believe, Don't believe in any kind of limitations
For they are just the offshoots of our imaginations.

We being part of the unbounded Nature
Should also know 'Unboundeness' is our characteristic feature
'Infinite' is the only thing that pervades all the Nature.

The past has not seen the begining of time
Neither the future will see it's end.

Limit, like the ever receding horizon, is never encountered
All mirages dissappear when the distances are removed
And limit is a mirage.

Oh God, the greatest lover of human kind,
How will Thy Creations know any limitation!