Sunday, May 31, 2009

Winning The War

In the midst of the fiercest battle of Bhairavi,
Karthikeya, the king, moved like fluid,
Cutting across the enemies battalion swiftly.
Resolute power and the lightening speed of his sword were always feared about.

The final moments have come as he faced his arch rival,
At a sword's distance, breathing fire and eager to pounce on him any moment.
Karthikeya thought this woud be his last battle if he lost or even otherwise.
He won the intense battle but a more intense one stayed within.

People awaited eagerly for their's king return.
Finally as he arrived from the west,
The evening sun beneath the thin grey cloud appeared like a majestic halo,
That formed the pictersque background to his victory parade.

Celebrations continued for another week,
The last day of which witnessed a dramatic turn.
Kartikeya handed over his royal sword to Manikanta, his nephew,
On which were the inscriptions: Protector of the People.

To him he said, "To earn something is difficult.
To give away that is more difficult. I have won both the wars."
Karthikeya smiled knowing well that Manikanta was puzzled and added,
"All that is earned is always an obstacle." Manikanta was more puzzled.

Twenty years later Manikanta dropped his sword into the sheath tied to his waist.
Few hours later, he knew, it would ruthlessely cut the throats of the people,
People much like his own, if any the differences were meaningless.
He clearly saw the irony: for some he won the freedom, for several others it ended.

The kingdom was the last obstacle that prevented him,
From embracing the larger kingdom of humanity.
He remembered Kartikeya's words and clearly saw what he meant.
His duty beckoned him as he sped away to the battlefield.
But he knew he has more than one battle at hand.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Eternal Journey

There you come and go every day & night,
Oh Sun & Moon, lighting the sky with thy might and grace.
I wonder have you, but once, stopped for a while.
Just for a moment, to look back and see the distance you have covered.

A bigger purpose must be at the back of your mind,
For what else would explain thine eternal journey.
Here I lay surfing over the waves of my thoughts,
What could be the purpose that drives you every day & night.

Let me not rest, just like you, till mine is done.
Perhaps this is exactly why you come every day & night,
To make us realise that we are here to move,
To make us realise our own dreams.

This body shall disintegrate even if it works or not.
Let it disintegrate as I choose to work,
Till I can no longer see the rising Sun.
And then I shall know, immersed in the eternal peace, mine is done.